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Cheyenne Anderson

Author of the Harvest Moon: Homesteader, Herbalist, Wildcrafter blog

An inspiring trait of many influential herbalists is that their passion for herbalism and dedication to this field of work follows a purpose. Cheyenne Anderson is a wonderful example of this notion. Her goals are to provide affordable herbal classes, teach others how to sustainably and ethically wildcraft, and to help as many people as she possibly can. She also plans to write and illustrate a book about the herbs growing wild in her home state of Oklahoma someday.

Cheyenne lives on almost an acre of land in a tiny town in Oklahoma, but dreams of living on a 25 acre homestead someday. She is a follower of Jesus Christ, Homesteader, Herbalist, Wildcrafter, Artist, wife to one amazing man, and homeschool momma to three awesome kiddos. She enjoys spending time in her 2,000+ square foot garden, going to church, exploring the outdoors, reading, fishing, crafting things with her hands, and helping people.

Cheyenne began her herbal journey in 2008, when she, along with her mom and sisters, decided to open a little shop in their small town. Their goal was to provide natural bath & body products, along with some other all natural products, to their community. While creating their product line, Cheyenne began learning about herbs and essential oils and how to use them for health.

In 2014, Cheyenne felt God calling her to become an Herbalist. So, she decided to take her knowledge of herbs to another level and signed up for the Introductory Herbal Course that The Herbal Academy of New England offered.

Since then, Cheyenne has completed the Introductory Herbal Course, Intermediate Herbal Course, Herbal Materia Medica Course, The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course, and is currently working on the Entrepreneur Herbal Course. Her educational goal is to complete the Advanced Herbal Course and never stop learning about herbs.

Cheyenne is a dedicated student of herbalism who possesses the compassion required to reach out to others. Years of study have armed her with the knowledge she needs to teach and support her fellow Oklahomans.

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Photo by: http://www.kindredphotographer.com

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