My Journey to Quit Smoking: Week 9, Day 62

November 19th, 2018


Just one more day left in this week, then I will be done with my daily posts. I may continue to post weekly, but I haven’t decided yet. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have an answer.

Today was a good day. I decided to smoke 1 gram of tobacco again because it keeps the ugly withdrawal symptoms away. Haha. Seriously though. I also smoked the herbal blends. I smoked a total of 8 times, mostly the herb blend. I’m trying really hard to get used to the herb blends, so that when the time is right I can just switch over to them.

I drank a cup of holy basil tea today as well. It was nice to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. I think I need to bring back tea times with my daughters! They are so relaxing and fun.

I also received a new herb blend in the mail!

Anyway, I would say that today was a success! I feel really good about weaning myself down from 31 cigarettes to 1 gram!

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