My Journey to Quit Smoking: Week 9, Day 58

November 15th, 2018


I woke up at noon today. My sleep schedule, once again, is all out of whack. I’m having really weird dreams about people I don’t know…again, and these darn dreams cause me to wake up all throughout the night. Maybe it has something to do with the herbal smoking blend I smoked yesterday? Who knows! Haha. I do know that I will be eating some Good Day Sleep Chocolates tonight.

I smoked 2 pipefuls of tobacco, several pipefuls of my herbal blends (a few times I added a pinch of tobacco), and I bummed 3-4 cigarettes from my momma while we were at the casino today. I still have some of the 4 grams of tobacco left though, so that’s good! 😉

I did one tea meditation at 4:00 p.m. today and I plan to do another before I hit the hay. The tea meditations really do help. I feel so relaxed. ❤️

I didn’t get a chance to soak in the tub today, but I most definitely will tomorrow. My neck is still a bit sore due to not sleeping well.

Oh, and I received some new Herbal smoking blends in the mail today! I also received my new pipe lighter! 🌿

I hope y’all have a day tomorrow and God bless! ❤️

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