My Journey to Quit Smoking: Week 4

Week 4: October 10th – 16th (Days 22 – 28)

Since I’ve already updated y’all on days 22 – 26, I’ll just give y’all a quick update for days 27 + 28.

Day 27: October 15, 2018

I only filled my pipe 5 times, but I puffed on it about 9 times. It was a good day, but I know I can get that number lower.

Day 28: October 16th, 2018

I only smoked my pipe 7 times. Definitely less than the day before!

I feel that switching to my “old man pipe” (that’s what my daughter calls it) has helped a lot. For me, it’s a pain in the butt to fill it, tamp it, and get it going. Cleaning it is a pain in the butt as well. So I only puff on it when I really, really have a craving. It has helped me cut back…a lot.

Hopefully I will be able to cut back even more during week 5. I’ll give y’all another update next Wednesday. Sorry this update is a day late.

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