Day 19 of My Journey to Quit Smoking 💚

Day 19: October 7th, 2018

11:02 a.m. My poor husband. He caught some sort of stomach bug, so he was up and down throughout the night, which woke me up several times throughout the night. We didn’t get very good sleep last night at all.

I finally rolled out of bed around 10:30 a.m., made some coffee for me, and made some tea for my husband. It looks like I’ll be busy taking care of him today, but I’ll try to create a few herbal products as well.

8:48 p.m. Today was a good day, but it was a hard day. I ended up smoking 13 cigarettes. That is definitely not the number I was trying for, but it’s not where I was.

My husband was not feeling well, I was trying to finish up my products for the Firefly Art Festival, and I had some pretty bad cramps to boot. So, I guess you can say I was just a little bit stressed out today. Haha. Maybe tomorrow I can take a whole day off to just chill out, charge my batteries, and soak in the dang tub. Y’all, I’m worn smooth out. I need a day off!

Anyway, I’m fixing to hit the hay so I can wake up at 4:00 a.m. for #thefives. So I guess I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.

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