Day 4 of my Journey to Quit Smoking ๐Ÿ’š

Day 4: September 22nd, 2018

8:21 a.m. I woke up around 7:30 a.m., made some coffee, and I made 14 tobacco cigarettes for today. I slept like a baby last night, so I will definitely be eating two of my Good Day Sleep Supplement Chocolates again tonight!

I’m writing down some of the things that cause me to feel stressed out, so that I will be mentally aware of them today. My plan is to change the way I feel and how I respond when these things happen.

I’m also planning to stay busy today by creating a ton of herbal goodies for the Firefly Art Festival! Making herbal goodies always chills me out, so I’m hoping I smoke less today than I did yesterday.

Another thing I plan to do is to smoke more of the herbal cigarettes today. I don’t crave them like I do tobacco cigarettes. So I’m thinking that maybe…just maybe…if I slowly switch over to them, it will be easier for me to quit. Who knows? It’s worth a shot though. I’m going to get off of here for now, I will check back in around lunch time.

11:51 a.m. Lunch break time! I have smoked 8 tobacco cigarettes and 1 herbal cigarette since I woke up this morning. Geez louise.

Earlier this morning, while I was writing down the things that stress me out the most, it dawned on me that coffee is my biggest weakness when it comes to smoking. Drinking coffee isn’t stressful though and neither is sipping a glass of wine or drinking a beer. I wonder why I crave nicotine when I’m drinking these things? Is it because caffeine and alcohol are addictive like nicotine? I may have to do some research on this to figure it out.

Anyway, I have found that mornings are the hardest for me because of coffee, not stress. I will probably never stop drinking my coffee, but I will stop drinking beer and wine. At least until I am stronger at kicking this nicotine addiction in the butt! Haha. I’ll talk to y’all later, back to work for me.

6:58 p.m. I have now smoked 13 tobacco cigarettes and 3 herbal cigarettes. Geez louise!

I got a lot done today though! Scanning paintings and printing labels is not fun at all, and it seems to take FOREVER, but at least it’s something I can check off my “to-do” list. Haha. I didn’t make a to-list today! Bahahahaha!

Anyway, not much is going on right now. I’m kid free for a little while, so I think I’ll go take a detox bath and give myself a pedicure. Hopefully I won’t smoke any more tobacco cigarettes. I’ll finish this up later.

10:45 p.m I smoked 3 more tobacco cigarettes and 2 more herbal cigarettes. Geez! Now I’m up to 16 tobacco cigarettes and 5 herbal cigarettes. Today has been a crazy day!

Maybe my cravings are also a boredom thing? I am quite bored when my kiddos are gone. I need to figure this out, ASAP. I’m going to write this down in my journal, so I can think about it more in the morning. Thank goodness my kiddos are home now!

Slowly but surely I’ll figure out the reason behind my cravings, but for now I’m going to get off of here and work on my video blog. Goodnight.

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