Day 3 of my Journey to Quit Smoking πŸ’š

Day 3: September 21st, 2018

11:00 a.m. I just woke up. I had another night of not sleeping well, but at least I didn’t dream.

Today my plan is to make some more calming teas so I can drink them throughout the day. I also need to make some sleepy time tea, so that it will be ready around 10:00 p.m.

I made 18 cigarettes, but I’m hoping to smoke less than that. I am going to make some herbal cigarettes as well. I’m writing down how many tobacco + herbal cigarettes I smoke each day, so I can keep track of how I’m doing.

12:11 p.m. I read an article a few minutes ago that Rachael (a follower on my Facebook page) shared about addiction. It was a really good article and it helped me realize that stress is my biggest trigger when it comes to my cravings. So, today I plan to write down all of the things that cause me stress. Hopefully, by writing down my stressors, I can figure out ways to eliminate them or at least manage them so they do not cause me so much stress.

Here is a link to the article she shared:

Understanding Addiction & Finding Freedom From It

4:18 p.m. I still haven’t made a list of the things that cause me stress or the sleepy time tea, which is totally stressing me out. I know, so weird. I think that I may need to stop making “to-do” lists or at least write down more things that I know, for sure, I’ll get done. I am my own worst critic.

Hmmm… I got it! I need to stop overloading my to-do list. Keep it simple. That will be my plan for tomorrow. I haven’t had any tea today, I’ve been too busy doing other things, but somehow I have managed to stop and smoke 10 cigarettes already. Geez louise!

Eureka! I figured it out! I need to put my tobacco cigarettes on the front porch and put my herbal cigarettes in the garage, which is currently my “I need to take a break” room/art studio/the most quite room of my house. Then, when I have a craving and need a “break” I will just smoke an herbal cigarette! If I really want a tobacco cigarette, I will really have to think about it before I go out to the front porch to smoke one.

I think this could work! I’ll let y’all know later. I’m going to go make some herbal tea for now.

7:13 p.m. I just reread what I’ve typed so far and I’m happy that I actually remembered to make my afternoon tea, but I am mad because I totally forgot to take my tobacco cigarettes out to the front porch earlier! I wish my brain wasn’t going a million miles a minute sometimes. I think I need some catnip + lemon balm + chamomile tea. Anyway, I have now smoked 13 tobacco cigarettes. Geez louise!

I think I’ll go watch a movie with my daughters, preferably a happy movie. I’ll finish this up later. I’m taking my tobacco cigarettes to the front porch right now so I don’t forget…again! Haha.

9:35 p.m. I have now smoked 14 cigarettes and a little of the Herbal smoking blend in my pipe. I don’t plan on smoking any more for tonight! Woot! Woot! I didn’t make my sleepy time tea this morning, so I’m using a sleep supplement tonight. I hope this helps me fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. I will make my video before I take it though. Anyway, it was a pretty good day and I’m happy I didn’t smoke 20 cigarettes again.

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