If you feel like QUITTING, think about why you STARTED! 

I use this little quote with my small, home based business constantly. I have a dream board that helps me stay focused. I also have my small goals, which are like stepping stones to help me reach my BIG goals, written in a notebook. These helpful tools not only help me stay focused, they also help me when I’m feeling down & out- when I feel like quitting.

I decided to use this quote & these helpful tools with our Homeschooling Journey a few years ago (when I originally wrote this blog post), and they have truly helped! 😊

Here was my “Plan of Attack” back then…

  • Begin a Homeschooling Journal and write an entry each and EVERY day. I feel that a journal will help me so much! Just being able to write all the frustrations down each day will help me immensely. But, also writing out all the joys and happy times will be something to look back on and smile too!
  • Print this picture and hang it on our white board.I really do feel that if I see this EVERY day, it will help! I plan to also make a cute sign, featuring my favorite scriptures, to hang in our Homeschool classroom.
  • Create a dream board for our Homeschooling Year. I cannot wait to get started! I will definitely post a picture and write a post about it as soon as I’m finished. Dream boards, in my opinion, help a person stay focused.
  • Write down small goals (weekly, monthly, quarterly) in my Homeschool Planner. This will be very, very important for me. For some reason if I write down a task (or a goal) I tend to remember it better, without ever looking at it again. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. So this will help me so much!
  • Review my Homeschooling Journal and Homeschool Planner each week to see the progress. A good weekly review should help me remember all the goals & dreams I totally forgot about. I can also mark off the goals/dreams that we have completed each week as well.

I hope this little plan not only helps my family, but helps others out there who feel like giving up too. We have all felt that way at some point in time, just always remember why your started in the first place. 😉

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