Keep Calm and Pretend it’s on the Lesson Plan! 

Don’t stress out too bad, Homeschool Momma! This happens to ALL of us. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? You don’t? Well then, let me explain…

You have your week all planned out. You’ll be waking up an hour before the kids to cook breakfast, then you’ll wake up the kids to eat their breakfast. Next is lessons, then dinner time (aka lunch), some more lessons, and then you’re finished for the day. Shouldn’t be too hard to do this everyday, as planned.

Then your sibling stops by for a visit, or your in-laws come in for a mini vacation or (for me) your husband comes home for his two weeks off. You’re plans get all out of whack.

The kids don’t want learn, they want to play with Daddy, or their cousins, or their Grandpa. You now have extra mouths to feed which results in more time needed for meal prep, cooking, and cleaning. Your chores have just increased too, since the amount of people in your home has increased.

It’s chaos, it’s a mess, it’s stressful and you’re about to lose your mind.

Yes, this happens. It happens to the best of us, but we just have to pretend it’s on the lesson plan and roll with it.

I learned this lesson the hard way, of course, like I always do.

I have learned that when Daddy comes home we take a day or two off and just chillax. I have learned that when cousins come over to spend the night, it’s okay to let them be free for a little while and unwind. No lessons. No chores. No routine. Just relaxing, chilling out, and having fun. Because everybody needs down time…time to take a mental and physical break. 😉

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