Our very first Traditional Cherokee Full Moon Fire Ceremony 🔥

Tonight I hosted our very first Traditional Cherokee Full Moon Fire Ceremony. 


Paper bags full of herbs 🌿
Earlier today, I gathered up some of my herbs and made a bag for each person to toss into the fire as an offering to God. I chose each herb based on it’s meaning and what I felt we needed at this time. 

We burned allspice for compassion; sage for wisdom; and pink roses for grace, happiness, and gentleness. 

We burned spearmint for warmth of sentiment; peppermint for warmth of feeling;  and sweet basil for good wishes, love, and serious intentions. 

We burned calendula for sacred affections, joy, and rememberance;  rosemary for rememberance and God’s presence reviving us; and lavender for devotion and virtue. 

 We burned thyme for courage, strength, activity, thriftiness, and energy; hyssop for cleanliness and sacrifice; and fennel for strength.

We burned chamomile for energy in adversity, initiative, and patience; cloves for dignity; and dill for good spirits, and it’s power against evil.

We burned myrrh for gladness and love; parsley for useful knowledge; and horehound for health. 


We burned coriander for hidden worth and valerian for readiness. 

We also burned cedar for strength, oak leaves for bravery, and oak wood for hospitality. 

After the bags of herbs were ready, I got the fire pit ready. I tried to find seven different types of wood to burn, one to honor each tribe. Then I stacked the wood and added kindling. 

I cooked a big pot of beans and a big pot of chili after my work outside was finished. I figured we needed foods to nourish our bodies before the fire ceremony. 

After we gobbled up the nourishing home cooked meal, we wrote down the intentions we would like to release and the things we would like to call forth from God. 

Then we gathered around the fire pit and started the fire. It was time to begin our fire ceremony. 

We began our fire ceremony with prayer, then we burned our offerings to God. We burned the bags of herbs, tobacco (one of the traditional offerings of the Cherokee people), cedar wood + leaves, and oak wood + leaves. 


Paper bags of herbs 🌿
After we burned our offerings, we walked around the fire (counter-clockwise) and we each took a turn releasing our intentions and our prayers into the fire. It was healing, spiritual, and brought us all closer together. I hope you can find the time to have a Fire Ceremony sometime soon. 🔥

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