Homeschool Art 101


“The world’s greatest artist lies within one’s self.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

Think about that for a moment…let it really sink in.
Van Gogh is literally calling EVERYONE an artist and I believe he is correct!

Of course I have been creating art since I was knee high to a grasshopper, so you’re probably thinking “Of course you would think that, Cheyenne!”, but I really do agree with Van Gogh. He makes a good point…the world’s greatest ARTIST does lie within one’s self.

He didn’t say painter. He didn’t say sculptor, or musician, or writer. He said ARTIST. That could mean ANY kind of artist! 😉

So let’s open our minds to all forms of art. There’s painting, drawing, and sculpting-of course. But there’s also those ladies who upcycle furniture, furniture makers, musicians, actors, dancers, singers, songwriters, poets, philosophers, fashion designers, seamstresses, authors, crafters, quilt makers, etc.

The list could go on an on.

Now, ask yourself what kind of ART do you like? What kind of ART do my children like?

Write these things down and research. Create an art lesson using these forms of art. Help your children write a play and practice the parts to perform for your family. Get creative with hair, make-up and costumes! 🙂 Buy some canvasses and paint how you FEEL…that’s always fun! 😉 Go outside and draw what you see. Do you own musical instruments? Have the children help you write a song.

Get creative and have FUN doing it! 

I absolutely love art! 🙂 If I had to choose a hobby to do for the rest of my life if would definitely be art…of all kinds. I really do enjoy writing these blog posts each day, and sometimes I write 7 and save them all as drafts, just in case I have an “off” day and need a back-up post! I love sewing and can’t wait to get stated again, our pajamas will all be handmade pretty soon! I love using my hands to create, it’s like a beautiful release of stress.

Plus, idle hands are the devil’s playground…so it’s best to keep our hands busy! 😉

So get out there and create some beautiful and awesome art with your children, Mommas! Get dirty, creative and crazy with your art, but most of all create memories & have fun! ❤️

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