Read to your Children…

I totally agree with this quote! ❤️

Children are made readers in the laps of their parents.

My Mom has always been an avid reader. While we were splashing around and swimming in the lake, Mom would be reading her book under a tree or at a picnic table. She would read in her chair, and in our beds. She read to us every night, unless she had to work, then it fell into the hands of my Dad.

My Dad was not an avid reader. He was out there splashing and swimming with us in the lake. He just never really enjoyed reading, unless it was the Bible or a children’s book. But he did read to us on the nights my Mom couldn’t.

So, I grew up seeing both types of people…the ones who love to read and the ones who do not.

I have loved reading since I was a child. I loved finding old books and reading the classics. I loved reading magazines, newspapers, comic books…you name it, I probably read it. To me, reading took you on an adventure that you may never experience in real life. Reading took me to far off places. It threw me into the shoes of Huckleberry Finn, Robinson Crusoe and other characters that I will never forget. Reading helped me become empathetic…I felt what the characters felt, I saw what they saw. Reading became one of my passions, in the lap of my Mom & Dad.

Now it’s my turn to read to my children. I began reading to my children when my oldest, my son, was born. I read to him when he was a baby and I still read to my 15 year old young man. I read to all my children, every night, and I encourage my husband, who is not an avid reader, to do the same. I want our children to see that even though you may not love to read, you still need to read every now and then. I think reading is a very important part of the day and a great way to bond with your children.

So take your kids to the library, open that classic tale from your childhood or {my favorite} the Bible and read to your children! Your children will never forget these precious moments, and neither will you. ❤️

Happy Reading and may God bless you & yours! ❤️

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