Do you suffer from the ‘Momma Brain’? 

How many of y’all have what I call the “Momma Brain“? I know I do and it’s really bad. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me explain.

It happens the moment you give birth to (or adopt) your first child. It’s as if all of a sudden your entire brain is full of nothing but your child. Their wants, their needs and all the many “what ifs”. It’s when “I’m hungry” turns into “The baby is hungry”. It’s when “I need a shower” turns into “I need to bathe the baby”. It’s when deciding what outfit you’ll wear to church turns into spending countless hours picking out the perfect outfit (complete with matching shoes, hats, etc.) for the baby. It’s also when your calendar transforms from being filled with girls nights out and dates with your hubby to baby appointments, play dates, picture appointments, visits to see family…and as they get older music lessons, dance lessons and all the other countless kid “activities” you can imagine!

You no longer have the room in your brain to remember meaningless things like where your vehicle keys are, when your hair appointment is, or even when you last showered. I know, that’s kind of gross, but believe me, it happens. Don’t worry, it gets a little better when your child gets older.

I know you’re probably asking yourself if there is actually a solution to this problem. 

Heaven knows we all wonder that and to tell you the truth there isn’t. 

What I have found that has helped me immensely is a planner. I NEVER thought I would be one of those Mom’s who’s purse is full of EVERYTHING under the sun including a planner, but I am. I admit it. I don’t know how I spent sooooo many years going without one.

I began using the Well Planned Day planners in 2013, and I have been using them ever since! 


Our newest planners & calendar (2016-2017)!
The On-The-Go size is perfect for my purse, it helps me plan out everything from the menu to our budget, along with daily duties and all that jazz. The homeschool planner is amazing too and it has so many extra features! I highly recommend these planners. 💗

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