My mini-me…

Oh my YES! Yes, I have definitely done this and I feel so bad afterwards.

I try my hardest not to lose my temper in front of my kids, but sometimes it just comes right on out, totally uninvited.

I get my temper from my Momma and Daddy. I know, it’s inevitable, I get it on BOTH sides. But on the bright side…with lots of prayers, counting to ten, and knowing when to walk away, I have learned to control it. It’s definitely getting better as I get older. 😉

It’s never a good thing when one of my kiddos lose their temper and I have to get on to them for acting just like I do. I hate it. I don’t want them to inherit this short fuse. I want them to have a long fuse like their daddy. I want them to stay calm and cool in any situation. So I pray for them and I pray for myself.

That’s really all I can do. So, if you ever catch yourself thinking this same thing just stop and pray about it. 😉
{May God bless you & yours}
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