A trip to the Pumpkin Patch! 🎃


Every year, we travel to Tishomingo, OK to our favorite Pumpkin Patch and every year we have a blast! 🎃

My munchkins, at Baker’s Acres Pumpkin Patch!

Baker’s Acres Pumpkin Patch is located in the quiet little town of Tishomingo, OK. It’s nestled in the outskirts of town, on a large farm, and it’s family owned and operated. 

My husband and son, giving the goats some lovin’. ❤️

 Baker Acres Pumpkin Patch is fun for everyone! They have a hay ride, train ride, corn maze, duck race, petting zoo, and so much more. 

My three little scarecrows! 😊

They have the cutest photo props set up all over their farm! 

My husband enjoys the hay rides. ❤️

To find Baker’s Acres website, click here. 

My husband and son, searching for the perfect pumpkins.

 When we’ve had all the fun we can have in a day, we venture off to find some pumpkins to pick! 🎃

My daughters, looking for tiny pumpkins for their Barbies! 😉

This year we ended up buying a huge pumpkin, one that weighed over 70 lbs., and a few other unique looking pumpkins. 🎃 

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope y’all have a safe & happy Halloween! 🎃

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