Our Homeschool Classroom

We own a 4 bedroom 1500 sq. ft. home that was built in 1971. So, needless to say, we are a little cramped for space but we make it work. 

We are using the kitchen for our “classroom”, since we do not have a dining room. We have a white board, calendar, several posters, American Flag and a Thirty-One Organizer.

We also have an American Flag hanging up, which is a very important part of our day! We salute the flag every morning while saying the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ and singing ‘My Country tis of Thee’. Then we say a prayer before we begin our lessons. I am an American Patriot, through and through.

When I first set up our “classroom” (June 2013) I didn’t have all of our curriculum, so I used little crates for our ‘temporary’ curriculum. Then, in September 2013 our curriculum came in. I didn’t expect to receive THIS MUCH STUFF!

Our curriculum, 2013
So…I had to clear out one of the bookshelves in the living room to store all of our wonderful homeschooling curriculum! I used the top shelf for the teacher supplies, the shelf below for Kenton, the shelf below Kenton’s for Kate, the shelf below Kate’s for Lexi and the cabinet at the bottom for our Science supplies.

All of my wonderful books that were in this bookshelf are now, sadly, in boxes. It really doesn’t bother me though…my kids and their education come first. 

Kenton received so many books with his curriculum…I had to make room on the top shelf of our small bookshelf to store the rest of his books. I have added several new children’s books to our collection as well.


Oh and this isn’t the end of our collection either! The girls have a bookshelf full of children’s books in their bedroom, Kenton has a bookshelf full of pre-teen/teen books in his room and I have TONS of books in our master bedroom. Needless to say, my husband thinks I’m a little addicted to books. 😉

Most of the time we use the kitchen table or the living room for our lessons each day. Sometimes we take our lessons with us to a park though, especially during the fall when it’s so cool and nice outside.

It’s important to know, when you first begin homeschooling, that you DO NOT have to have a whole room dedicated to homeschooling. It can be in the kitchen, like ours, or whatever works best for you! 

Happy Homeschooling & wishing you the best of luck on your journey! ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Classroom

  1. Pre-req for homeschooling: book addiction. I wrote about our homeschool room a few weeks ago–moved in here just a few months ago–but we have homeschooled in an apartment in the arctic, on island ferries, in airplanes and even an ambulance once (as we were being transported in remote Africa–not to a hospital, rather as transportation). Shakespeare said all the worlds a stage. I say all the world’s a classroom.

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