I’ve been a busy little bee! 🐝

I figured I would have a lot more accomplished by now, but at least I’ve got my groove back and I’m working again!

I made some herbal infused oils to use in a salve.

I have been in a rut y’all, like a serious rut. I have had no drive, no determination, nothing. I have been feeling “blah” here lately. I guess I needed some serious downtime.

I combined the herbal infused oils with some beeswax for my salve.

Slowly but surely I’ve been getting my groove back though. I have been working on some new herbal products, making a few of my tried & true recipes, and working on my herbal studies again.

The salve is finished!

It feels good to be back y’all! Expect to see some recipes soon and thanks for stopping by! 😊

36 strawberry lip balms!
36 mango lip balms!

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