The stress of an overwhelmed schedule…


I know, first hand, the stress of an overwhelmed schedule. 

When September 2014 rolled around I thought it would be a great idea to enroll my daughters in more dance classes, so they could try them all out. I also enrolled them in the OU Junior Spirit Camp. We also began going to 4-H meetings.

Everything was hunky-dory in the beginning. We were literally running around like chickens with our heads cut off teamed up with a sugar high. We were enjoying every moment! 😉

Then Christmas break rolled around. We actually had time to relax, time to enjoy life, time to spend with family. 💜

When January arrived my girls were no longer interested in all the dance classes. Kate decided that ballet is her absolute favorite. Lexi decided she doesn’t want to pursue dance anymore, she would rather take piano and drum lessons. And I decided that’s fine with me!

To tell you the truth, I was worn smooth out by mid November. Driving 5 hours on Mondays for dance & Junior Spirit Camp, driving 1 hour on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, and driving an extra 4 hours for each OU performance wore this Momma out!

I endured the stress though, for the love of my children. I knew they loved every minute of every practice and lesson. I saw the look on their proud little faces when they found me in the crowd.

Since we had already paid for their dance recital costumes, we decided to finish out that year, with no quitting.

Last year (2015-2016) was a much more relaxing year though, we decided to take the entire year off. No dance lessons, no cheer camps, no extra stuff…period (other than my son’s drum lessons), and it was amazing.

Sometimes we have to learn these lessons the hard way and sometimes we just have to say “No” so that we, the parents, aren’t worn ragged. 😉

{God bless you & your family}

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