Our Homeschool Curriculum 


Our make-shift homeschool classroom, 2013.
There are TONS of Homeschool Curriculum out there in the world today! Seriously.


Our homeschool curriculum, 2013.
When I began my research back in 2010 I was drawn to many, many websites. My research led me to A.C.E., Sonlight, Alpha Omega and many, many more. Looking for just the right curriculum for your children can literally consume you. I know, I was in those shoes. And it still consumes me every spring! 😉


More curriculum (top shelf) and part of my children’s book collection, 2013.
For the first homeschooling year I chose http://www.sonlight.com as the place I would purchase most our curriculum from. I remember being so nervous when I was ordering. I kept feeling like I was going to miss something or order too much, so I contacted one of their customer service specialist. She was super helpful and even led me to all the curriculum that was not aligned with Common Core. Finally, my first ever Sonlight purchase was complete!


More curriculum, 2013.
When the boxes (TONS of boxes) arrived I was super duper excited. I dug right in and I think I even endured a few paper cuts along the way!
I sorted and organized it all into piles for each child and then I got busy clearing off bookshelves to store it all in. I was amazed! I couldn’t believe the quality of education my children would receive from all these goodies!

Have I told you I’m a bookworm? I am, so I was literally in readers paradise in my front room! 😉

Then it was time to sort and organize all the teacher manuals and binders. Oh my goodness, you would not believe how organized and easy Sonlight makes teaching! I received a HUGE binder for each child. In each binder the instructions are sorted into weeks and each week is broken down into days (1-4 or 1-5). The binders are super easy to follow and I probably don’t need a Homeschool Planner, but I enjoy having one for all the other homeschool stuff we plan.

The first year of using Sonlight’s Core, Singapore Primary Math U.S. Edition, Spelling Power (purchased from another website), A Reason for Handwriting and Sonlight’s Science was so awesome and easy, that I am still using Sonlight to purchase both of our daughters’ curriculum. For our son, we have switched to Alpha Omega’s LifePac. It is not literature based, like Sonlight, which suits his needs better (he’s not fond of reading).


My son’s Alpha Omega LifePac set, 2016.
Do you have a curriculum you love? Please comment below, I still love to research new curriculum! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Curriculum 

  1. I love this post! We’ve looked into Sonlight, but are choosing to go with BookShark. We do love Life of Fred for Math (having the numbers and problems in a story really helps our oldest son work on them), and Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is on it’s way now. Thanks for this post!

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