Fall/Winter Garden Update! 


Radishes & Carrots
Gosh, where do I begin? I need to update more often, that’s for sure! My fall/winter garden isn’t quite where I wanted it to be for October, but that’s okay. I’ve had some problems these last few months, I’ve learned a lot (that’s for sure), and I’m still just as determined as when I began. 


Not all of these seedlings made it, my cat destroyed the tray on the left.
I started cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli seeds a while ago, but not all of my seedlings made it. Some were destroyed by my cat, she thought the seed starting tray was a litter box, and some didn’t receive enough sunlight in windows of my home. 


Cauliflower & Cabbage
So, I will be sowing some seeds directly into my garden and transplanting the seedlings that survived when the temperature cools down a bit here in southern Oklahoma. 


Radishes & Carrots
Oh and on top of the seedling problems, my tiller decided to break in the middle of tilling! So I have about 20% of my garden that still isn’t ready. Yeah, when it rains-it pours. I’ve been working that area by hand, but with a bummed up shoulder it can be quite the task. It will get finished though, I have no doubt about that. 


Radishes & Carrots
My worst enemies in my garden so far are grass and weeds, so I’m still battling it out with them. I plan to mulch around my crops and between the rows though, so hopefully I won’t have a problem with them in the spring. 


Radishes & Carrots
The radishes, carrots, beets, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are growing like crazy though! 


I sowed four different types of radishes: Full Red, German Giant, Saxa II, and Early Scarlet Globe. 

I sowed five different types of carrots: Lunar White, Juane Obtuse Du Doubs, Cosmic Purple, Atomic Red, and St. Valery. 

I sowed one type of beet, Detroit Dark Red.


Sweet Potatoes
We have already harvested a few radishes and if all goes well we will have quite the harvest over the next few months. It’s almost time to harvest the sweet potatoes as well! 


My one and only potato plant
My garden definitely isn’t where I thought it would be for October, but I’m still learning and lessons learned the hard way are the best kind right? Keep your eyes peeled for another update, I’ll try to update every two weeks from here on out. Thanks for stopping by! 😊 

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