Love is…

How true is this quote?

When you truly love somebody, you truly do put their happiness before your own. ❤️

  • Love is making a batch of cookies and before you can grab one they are almost gone, there is literally one left in the jar, so you let your youngest munchkin have it.
  • Love is having just enough time to throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt because you would rather spend that extra time making sure your munchkins look their best.
  • Love is making sure all their plates are full before you fill your own.

Your family’s happiness brings you happiness. ❤️

Taking care of them isn’t your job, it’s one of the many blessings God has given you. I think that’s why I prefer to have my munchkins with me 24/7, rather than send them off for somebody else to tend to.

Every now and then I need time to myself and time to spoil my husband though. So once a month we send our munchkins off to Mimi’s house for a sleepover, so Momma and Daddy can have a night to ourselves.

Nanny & Papa are also doing “Lessons on the Farm” with our munchkins on Fridays, which allows me time to get the nitty gritty cleaning finished, run a few errands and get the groceries shopping done…kid free.

Our munchkins really do enjoy these outings, sometimes I think they get tired of being around Momma and Daddy 24/7! 😉

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