Why we chose to Homeschool 

I haven’t always homeschooled my children. Matter of fact, my oldest was in public school from Pre-K through 5th grade before I finally decided it was time to homeschool. So, needless to say, I am asked quite often why I chose to homeschool.

It’s simple really…my answer…because I feel this is the BEST option for MY children and it is what God called me to do.

Did I know this was my calling?

No. No I did not. I have always enjoyed having my children with me every second of the day, but homeschooling never crossed my mind-to be honest. I loved the public school our children attended and I was very naïve as to what really happened behind the public school doors. I had always just imagined it was still the same as when I was a child, when I attended this very same school. But things change, people change and even schools change. Plain and simple.

I knew God had called me to homeschool when my son finished his second grade year. When his first grade year ended he had exceptional grades and was on a 3.7 reading level. But, by the time his second grade year was almost over, his reading level had dropped tremendously…down to a 1.7. His teacher was calling him lazy (even in front of him) and my happy-go-lucky little guy had turned into a grumpy not-so-happy little guy. My heart was broken. I didn’t know what to do, so I turned to research and prayer.

After years of research, prayer and analyzing I now know my “Why”. It’s really simple, like I stated above, but if you want me to get detailed then you’ll want to read on…

It’s what God called me to do. That, to me, is the most important reason I homeschool my children.

I get to see my children all day, every day. That is literally one of my favorite things about homeschooling! Plus, homeschooling allows my hardworking oilfield hubby an opportunity to see his children more often…which he absolutely loves! 💜

I know exactly what my children are learning, because I am the one that pour hours, days and even MONTHS into picking out just the right curriculum. Plus, we get to have Bible study (lessons) EVERY day.

To shelter, yes SHELTER, my children from the ‘ways of the world’. No, I do not want my children to learn about sex until I feel they are ready. No, I do not want my children to be offered drugs in elementary or even middle school. No, I do not want my children seeing or hearing things that are NOT meant for innocent ears to hear. Think about a newly planted tomato plant…we shelter it from storms and hail…why shouldn’t we do the same for our children? Since I homeschool I have more control over these situations.

To help my children have a PASSION for learning and to make learning FUN for them! Yes, I cater to their passions. If I have a child that loves airplanes…we have lessons about airplanes. If I have a child that loves art…I make sure to incorporate LOTS of art in our lessons. That’s one of my favorite things about homeschooling! Seeing their little eyes light up and then fueling that flame, turning a spark into a passion. 

Everybody’s “Why” will be different, I’m sure, but this is our “Why”! I think it’s very important to write down your “Why” and to also write down the things you love about homeschooling. 

When you’re having a tough day and you feel like pulling your hair out (yes, it happens) open up your journal (or wherever your wrote these things down) and read them. Read them over and over…maybe add another “Why” or another thing you love about homeschooling and it will literally turn your day around. It can help you stay focused as well! 


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