Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.


Quote by: Alejandro Jodorowski

Ponder this quote for a moment…

Now think about people who grew up in public school as the “birds” and think of “flying” as homeschooling.
I saved this picture a while back because when I first saw it, I immediately made the public school/homeschool connection.

I have been debating whether or not to share this picture and blog about it, but I really do feel God is calling me to do so.

First and foremost let me begin by saying that I am not trying to bash public schools. I am not looking for a debate about public school vs. homeschool. I am simply stating facts that I’ve seen and/or experienced while attending public school from Kindergarten through 12th grade myself and mothering 3 children who were previously in public school for 7 years (my oldest child was in public school the longest).

I was in elementary school when I first heard about homeschooling. A homeschooling family lived in our small Oklahoma town, and my sister was in Girl Scouts with one of the children. I remember thinking “how weird” when my sister told me about how the little girl (and her 3-4 siblings) homeschooled. I remember trying to imagine school at home and it really did baffle my young and naïve mind. I remember thinking that maybe something was wrong with the kids, maybe they couldn’t go to “real school” because they were sick or something.

I was literally one of those “birds” born in a cage who thought “flying” was an illness.

My sweet and very open-minded momma explained to me that some people choose to teach their children at home. She told me about how my great papa quit school after the 2nd grade so he could help work on his family’s farm. She told me about how my great granny quit school after 5th grade so she could help work on her family’s farm. My momma explained to me that the rest of their learning took place at home. I didn’t really give it much thought after that.

Then, when my own children were having difficulties in public school, the thoughts of homeschooling filled my more mature and not so naïve mind.

I thought back to my elementary years and the one and only homeschool family, that I ever knew of, who lived in our small town. I thought about the stories my momma told me many, many years before and I began praying for an answer. By now, most of you know the answer God gave me. His will was for me to homeschool my three little munchkins.

Once we began our homeschooling adventure I never gave it much thought as to how other children would see my munchkins, nor about how I viewed homeschooling when I was a child. I don’t really know why these thoughts never crossed my mind, I guess I just knew everything was going to turn out alright because I was handing it all over to God.

Well, I’m sad to say that not everything turns out the way we expect it to. It’s sad, but so true.

While my daughters’ friends all think it’s awesome that we homeschool, my son’s friends (and some family) have literally ousted him. I didn’t know this was happening until one of my family members told me about what they had seen at church. My family member said that my son just stood in the youth room all by himself, except for his sweet female cousin (who was standing by his side), for the entire hour and a half. None of his friends from public school, or our family, even acknowledged that my son was in the room…they just ignored him. I knew that I would probably be the black sheep of our little town, but I never wanted that for my son.

It literally broke my heart.

I don’t know if the reason these kids have ousted him is because the majority of them are teachers’ kids or if they just think of homeschooling as an “illness”.

I wish society didn’t brainwash kids (and adults) to think that homeschooling is something weird, strange or abnormal.

I wish that more kids (and adults) were open-minded.

I’m not going to end this on a sad note though because I’m very fond of happy endings…

Since that horrible day, my son has met some amazing friends through the homeschool association we are members of and I have no doubt in my mind that he will find many more friends with the same interests he has in the years to come.

All in all he is one super happy kid and I have found that he actually prefers to communicate with adults, but loves to play with younger kids as well. He is very mature for his age, intellectually speaking (not in the worldly way-thank goodness), and has a brilliant mind.

{God Bless You & Your Family}

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