God’s wonderful plan…

I’ve had my kids ask me several times throughout this year “What was your favorite subject when you were in school?” And several times throughout this year I have answered…art, math, science, English and history. I pretty much loved every subject. I loved learning…I still love learning. I think that my passion for learning was instilled in me first by my mom and secondly by my elementary teachers.

In kindergarten and first grade I went to a tiny little school. My whole grade each year consisted of 10-12 students, so one-on-one time with the teacher was a daily thing. Both of my teachers were sweet, kind hearted, Christian women. They had a true passion for teaching and it showed.

I only attended kindergarten for half a day, but I still learned so much! I didn’t learn to write block letters, like kids do now, I learned the ‘fancy’ letters with a little curve at the end (I think it was called D’Nelian). I learned how to count to 100 and write the numbers 1-100. I learned about shapes, pilgrims, Indians, how to read ‘Dick & Jane’ books, how to count money, etc. I loved my kindergarten year!

In first grade we learned to write in cursive, yes cursive!  I learned how to add & subtract while tapping on the numbers, instead of using my fingers. I learned to read chapter books and so much more. I loved it when my teacher’s sister would visit our classroom…she always brought a bag of bubble gum for us. We were allowed to chew the bubble gum, but we could not blow bubbles. I loved story time, we got to choose a rug (small portion of carpet, like a sample) to sit on…I always picked the pink one. I will never forget my two wonderful years at that tiny school.

My second grade year was in a new school, so I was a little nervous. Especially since there were about 20 kids just in my classroom and there were several second grade classrooms. I had such a sweet teacher though! She made my new year in a new school so much fun. I remember re-learning cursive…my teacher was amazed at how much I already knew. My favorite memory of my second grade year was the art class. We learned to draw cartoon characters and we sculpted clay. It was a blast!

My third grade year was in a new school as well. I ended up graduating from this school. It was about the same size as the school I attended my second grade year. I loved my third grade teacher, she was a wonderful Christian woman. That is the year I completed my very first book report, I found out I needed glasses and I made some new friends!

My fourth grade teacher sparked the ‘love for science’ in me. She was a sweet, kind Christian woman who had a voice like an angel when she sang. I know she loved science, because she made it so much fun! We made clay boats and had a competition to see whose boat held the most weight while floating in water. We watched meal worms turn into beetles. We used a battery to light up a light bulb. She is definitely one of my favorite teachers of all time! That was the year my BFF moved to our town and we became forever friends.

The years went on, I grew older, I gained more knowledge and then I graduated. My love for art began when I was so young, but my high school art teacher really sparked my passion for art…she was (and still is) an awesome woman! My freshman year English teacher sparked my passion for English…he would play the guitar to help “chill us out” during test time. My high school history teacher sparked my passion for history, he was (and still is) an awesome man! He won a gold medal in the Olympics for basketball. My high school science teachers helped to keep that flame going for science…they made it so much fun. And my algebra 2 teacher made my love for math come alive…she was, and still is, one of my favorite teachers ever.
I was blessed to have such amazing teachers!

Now it’s my job to show my kids the same love & passion for learning so that they may end up having a love & passion for learning. It’s my job to show them that learning can be (and is) lots of fun!

I know in my heart that God blessed me with such a wonderful learning experience so that I would be prepared for when He called me to homeschool my kids. I thank God every day for His wonderful plan! ❤️

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