Pajamas. All day.

Before we began our Homeschool Journey I would usually get everybody up and dressed for the day. Now that we homeschool, I still get everybody up…but sometimes {actually quite often} we stay in our pajamas. 😉

My husband used to find this odd…my dad did too. They would ask why the kids were still in their pajamas, in which I quickly replied “We homeschool!”

We like the laid back approach to homeschooling. We have a daily routine we follow (lessons, chores, etc.) and most of the time we follow this routine while wearing our pajamas. We all feel more comfy in our pajamas, so why not!

There are days when “real clothes” are required as we venture off to the grocery store, homeschool meetings, play dates, appointments, and to run a few errands. Those days are inevitable, but we don’t mind. When we get back home we just change back into our pajamas.

Some folks may think of this as being lazy, but I think of it as being comfy. Our pajamas aren’t dirty, they are clean. Our pajamas are very modest too. It’s like wearing clothes, but not. They are comfy and cozy.

So don’t feel bad if y’all homeschool in pajamas…we do too and I’m sure there are tons more homeschoolers who do this as well! 😉

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