Just another hitch…

I don’t exactly know how many ladies reading this are also oilfield wives, so some of y’all might relate and some of y’all might not…

It’s time to pack his bags and get everything ready for his hitch. My heart is heavy, my feet are slow…I’m holding it all in and staying strong though. It’s only a 2 week hitch. My brain is going a million miles a minute trying to make sure he hasn’t forgotten anything. Then it’s time. Time to say goodbye to my husband. I pray, pray, pray…for a safe trip. I have a restless sleep. Then he calls, he made it up there safe and sound. Relief washes over me. I pray, pray, pray…for a safe hitch.

I’m both Mom and Dad now. I’m the nurturer and the disciplinary. It’s almost like being a single mom for half the year (by the way, kudos to all the single moms out there- I don’t know how y’all do it year round)! I hunker down and get mentally ready to take this on full force. I’ve been doing this for almost 14 years now…another 15 days won’t kill me, it can only make me stronger. Plus, this is like a cake walk compared to what my husband endures each day.

We stick to our week day routine which includes: homeschool lessons, quiet time, chores and playtime. We do this day in and day out…we have our own little groove. We talk to Daddy each night on the phone or on Face time. Eventually the days get shorter and then it’s time, time for Daddy to come home. I get butterflies in my stomach. He calls to say he’s on his way. I pray, pray, pray. And then I hear his pickup truck pull into the drive way. Excitement washes over me as I run to hug my hard-working man!

You know what’s funny? We actually stick to our routine a lot better when my husband is at work compared to when he is home. I think it’s mostly because we can’t help but treasure every moment he is home. If Daddy wants to go fishing, we go fishing. If Daddy wants to go to the movies, we go to the movies. Whatever it is, we want to enjoy EVERY moment he is home…with him.

Yes it’s hard, but it’s the career my husband chose so that I could be a stay at home momma. He does this for us…for our family. I wouldn’t change my life for the world…I love my Tool Pusher (AKA Rig Manager)!

Here’s a little more info about how dangerous working on a rig can be (and the reason I pray constantly for the oilfield men in my life).


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