Are you the Black Sheep in your community? 

I originally wrote this blog three years ago, but felt it was definitely something I should share. I’m sure there are other women out there who feel this way as they begin their homeschool journey and I just want them to know that I am here, I know exactly what they’re going through. ❤️

I haven’t always been a “Black Sheep”, but I definitely am now that I’m homeschooling.

I have lived in this small Oklahoma town for most of my life…30 years to be exact. I know just about anybody and everybody that lives here. I know the teachers, steel workers, fisherman, church members, small shop owners…you name ‘em, I probably know ‘em. Well, minus the “weekender” crowds and the newbies that recently moved here.

I went to the public school here from 3rd grade through graduation. I am a member of a local Baptist church. I worked at the burger joint in town and at our one and only grocery store during my high school years. I was a substitute teacher here, for a little while, when my oldest child was a baby/toddler. My Kansas man and I were married here and purchased our home here. My great granny and great papa were born here, a mile apart from each other, which means I’m more than likely related to most of this county. My ‘roots’ are here.

My life has been the same…day in and day out…for the most part. Apart from a few changes…marriage and kids. We were living a ‘normal’ life in a small town…taking the kids to school, after school activities, church, etc. Then all of a sudden it totally changed…when I decided to homeschool.

When I made this ‘bold’ choice to homeschool it’s like my life changed forever. I have heard the “What about socialization?” question a zillion and one times. I have also heard “I don’t see how you’ll have the patience…there is NO WAY I could do that.” Oh but wait, it gets better. “How will you have any time for yourself?” I actually get this question more than you can imagine.

Really people? Really? I mean, when I chose to be a momma is when I chose to no longer have time for “myself”. Being a momma, in my opinion, means giving 100% of your time to your child. You become selfless and nurturing when you become a momma. All of a sudden you have these little lives in your hands. You and your husband are their SOLE providers. They are a gift from God and He expects you to take care of them until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

If these questions alone didn’t already drive me crazy, let’s add odd facial expressions and ignoring me to the list. You should see the look some people give me when I say I’m homeschooling. They give me a mix between “I feel so sorry for you” to “Are you crazy” to “You are crazy” look constantly. Then for the cherry on top of this “Black Sheep Sundae” I get ignored. Seriously. It seems, no it IS, very childish of these people, to say the least.

A lot of y’all are probably thinking “How do you deal with all that?” and some of y’all are feeling sorry for me- please don’t. I’m a big girl, I have God on my side, a wonderful husband-who is my strength, and several family & friends who support me 100%. I have learned to let the questions go in one ear and out the other. I have learned to let insults just slide down my back, like melted butter. I have learned to smile when I get odd and strange looks from people. And I’ve learned to hand it all over to God.

I have prayed for strength and for a forgiving heart. I have prayed for God to let His love shine through me. I have prayed for PATIENCE-not for my kids, but for all these adults who act childish. God has shown me His will for my life and I am to charge forward with my armor of God- my sword and my shield.

So if you ever feel like the “Black Sheep” in your community, just turn to the Lord with all of your troubles and feel free to email me anytime. I am here to help. God bless y’all! 😊

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