When little boys become teenagers…

I originally wrote this blog a little over two years ago, but it still holds a special place in my heart. 💙

My little boy will become a teenager in August…where does the time go?

It seems like just the other day he was an 11 month old baby toddling around and “fixing” everything he could get his hands on, an 18 month old learning his alphabet and shapes, a 3 year old learning to write his name, a 4 year old learning to ride a bike without training wheels and then a 6 year old learning to ride his first 4-wheeler.

Times flies when you’re having fun. It’s been so much fun watching him grown into such a warm hearted, caring, adventure loving young man. It warms my heart to see him helping the elderly or opening doors for female strangers. It melts my heart to see him taking care of his little sisters and playing with his baby cousin. He is going to be a great man someday and an awesome daddy.

It hasn’t been all fun and games though. I’ve been down the “I know more than Mom” road a time or two with this young man. He has developed an attitude with me a few times and has even had a smart-aleck mouth more times than I want to count. I just patiently show him the Ten Commandments in the Bible and we talk about what it means to honor your mother and father. That has helped so much! 

Recently my son opened up to me and talked about a personal matter. It broke my heart to see him cry, but my heart swelled with pride as he shared the truth. I told him that no matter what, honesty is something I’ll always be proud of. I won’t share with y’all what he shared with me, but let’s just say I’m super proud of the way he handled the situation. It also took a big weight off my shoulders to know that he trusts me enough to open up and talk about things. That will come in handy as he starts dating a few years down the road. 

Now it’s time to move into a new phase, the teenager phase. It’s time to teach him how to drive and take care of a vehicle, how to change the oil and a tire, how to check the air in the tires and check the oil, how to build a fire and camp without all the fancy gadgets, how to cook a good meal and clean the toilet, how to balance a checkbook and earn a dollar with hard work, how to do a load of laundry without turning everything pink, how to treat a woman right and about human anatomy (that I kind of dread…I think I’ll make Daddy teach that one). 😉

My heart is heavy as we approach this new phase. I’m not one who adapts to change easily, but with prayer and God holding my hand I’ll make it through. 💙

So cherish every moment you have with your kids, before you know it they will be venturing off on their own. 💙

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