A dream come true…

When I was a kid, one of the things I wanted to be when I “grew up” was an Art Teacher. So I set out on my journey to become an Art Teacher, but my dream soon came crashing down when things didn’t work out at college. 

I’ve been creating art since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I don’t know why I loved to create art, I just did. Art made me happy. So, when I began my 8th grade year of public school, I decided to take Art Class instead of Band. Art Class was fun and I learned a lot, but my love for art became a passion when I met my high school art teacher, Mrs. Callicoat. She was truly an inspiration. 

When my senior year rolled around, I was given the opportunity to be a teacher’s aid. So, naturally, I chose to help my art teacher. But instead of letting me just help her with the 6th grade class, she let me teach them. I was on cloud nine. That is when I decided I wanted to become an Art Teacher. 

I received a full ride to one of the nation’s best art universities, but I decided to take a couple years off to work and save up money. When I finally decided it was time to go to college, they gave me my full ride scholarship again and my journey to become an Art Teacher began. I was so excited! 

The art classes in college were amazing, I was learning so much, but the other classes they made me take (the basics) were not amazing. In my opinion, I had already learned that stuff in high school, I couldn’t understand why were they making me learn it again. The basic classes also took away time I could’ve spent learning about art, so I did not like those classes at all.

I spent the next several months struggling to balance my time between art class assignments and basic class assignments. I also spent that time searching high and low for a job. I needed a job to pay my bills (pickup payment, art supplies, food on the weekends, etc.). I ended up acing my art classes, failing my basic classes, and I never found a job. So, I quit college and moved back home. I was heartbroken. 

Time moved on, I married the man of my dreams, I had three amazing kids, we purchased a homestead in Oklahoma, and I never quit creating art. I have well over 1,000 pieces in my art collection now and art is still my passion. 

When God called me to homeschool my children many moons ago, I knew one of the things I would teach them would be art. Over the past three years I’ve taught them so much about art, art history, and how to be creative. My son, who had no creative bone in his body-or so I thought, has blossomed to become one creative kid! He is constantly painting his skateboards and drawing up new designs for skateboards. My daughters are both highly creative kids too. My heart was doing summersaults, I was an Art Teacher-finally! 💜

That isn’t the end of my story though, it gets better…

Throughout my years of homeschooling, I have had some of my close homeschool mom friends recommend I teach an art class. They knew art was my passion, so it made sense, but I didn’t feel I was knowledgable enough about art to teach. I was brainwashed to think that a degree from a university was required to teach. Boy was I wrong! After reading several books by John Holt and John Taylor Gatto, I realized I could teach art! The qualification to teach was in me all along! God knew what He was doing when He led me to buy those books. 😉

So I set out on a journey to become an Art Teacher, again. This time it led me to teach homeschool kids about art. With the help of my homeschool mom friends, I found a room in a library to use. Then I shared the information with my homeschool mom friends and now I have around 15 kids I teach twice a month about art. My cup runneth over! 💜

I couldn’t have done any of this without God’s mighty hand leading me in the right direction. I’m truly thankful for all of His blessing in my life. 💜


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