I’m amazed, every single day, by this wonderful journey…

It’s been 3 years and 5 months since my kids were in public school and it really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long at all. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! 😉

I remember when my kids were in public school like it was yesterday. After school and on the weekends, My son would always pick on or do mean things to his little sisters. He was a bully. He wanted to make them scream and cry…it’s almost as if he got a big thrill out of it. And it broke my heart.

Since we have been homeschooling though, I have seen a major improvement in my son. Sure, he still teases and picks on his sisters…that’s what siblings do…but he is no longer seeking to make them scream and cry. If he does make them scream or cry he apologizes immediately and you can actually see (in his eyes) that he genuinely means it.

I would have to say that the sibling fights, arguments, etc. have went from 80% of the time, down to about 30% of the time. It’s a HUGE difference. Especially if you think about how much time they’re together now, compared to the little amount of time they used to see each other. Now, instead of picking on each other, they play with each other.

My son is teaching his sisters all about games like “Cowboys & Indians and Cops & Robbers”. My daughters are teaching my son that it’s okay to use your imagination and play dress up. They play hide & seek, board games and play with Legos or their blocks together. They love to get dirty and dig holes to find worms…although my daughters usually end up using the hole for a Barbie swimming pool.

My son is even helping me prepare breakfast, dinner, and supper. He can cook anything, as long as he has a recipe to follow!

I’d heard about kids behaving better once they began homeschooling, but to tell you the truth I was very skeptical. Now I believe those stories! I see it with my own eyes every day.

It’s amazing how much my kids have changed (for the better) while homeschooling.

All I can do is thank God for this blessed opportunity…I am amazed every day by this wonderful journey. ❤️

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