Young at Heart ❤️

This picture makes me think of my childhood, but I do believe it was written/created for adults. To me, it’s letting one know that it’s okay to be young at heart. ❤️

Play, laugh sing…who can honestly say they do these things as an adult? My husband, that’s who. 😉

He plays with our children more than I do, he laughs at all the silly little jokes our children come up with, and he sings to me all the time (he has a beautiful voice, by the way).

I need to learn how to be more like that…to play, and not just board games, with our children. I laugh & sing though…those are two of my favorite things to do, even though I probably sound like a stuck pig when I sing!

Jump in puddles & get your hands dirty! I love, love, love to get down and dirty! Playing in the puddles with a 4-wheeler is my type of fun and getting my hands dirty is my favorite type of work! I highly recommend just going out and getting dirty with your kids.

Create smile lines, walk away, dance, uncage your heart…all of these things came along after I married my husband. He uncaged my heart and now has possession of it forever. ❤️ 

He dances with me, even though that is not one of his favorite past times. I’ve slowly learned how to walk away from drama and people who cause it. And my husband (and children, of course) helped me to create wonderful smile lines!

You often hear about women wanting to get rid of the wrinkles on their faces or stretch marks on their bellies, but for me…each and every wrinkle or stretch mark is a memory. Why would I ever want to get rid of memories?

Be silly, smile…my husband and my children definitely bring out my silliness and my smiles! They make my heart sing and create that “warm & fuzzy” feeling inside me!

Don’t be afraid to be alone. I love to have my alone time every night. It’s my time to chillax with my laptop typing up a new blog post or my time to cozy up with a good book. Either way I’m one happy girl when I have my alone time. It’s not required though…if I have a sick child or my husband wants to watch a movie, I am still happy as can be.

Giggle often. I totally agree! Giggling is one of my favorite past times. Whether it’s from my husband tickling me or my children doing something silly…I love to giggle!

I strongly recommend doing all the things on this list. I also recommend being young at heart! ❤️

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