Making time for each other…

It is 7:00 a.m. and you’re actually awake before your kids. You and your husband sneak down the hallway and into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. As the freshly brewed aroma reaches your nose, you inhale and enjoy the peaceful moment with your beloved husband. 

Then you hear it. Tiny feet landing on the floor, a tiny yawn and a tiny stretch. Pitter, patter, pitter, patter…”Momma?” “Daddy?” 

So much for a nice, quiet morning alone with your husband…tehehehe. 😉

It’s an all day, every day deal. You’re never alone anymore with your spouse since the kids came along…unless they are sleeping. Then again you’re so tired from the day that you’re usually sleeping too. 

So when do Mommas and Daddies get any alone time to just chill…to drink a cup of coffee together…to watch a movie together?

My husband and I were blessed with amazing parents, so for us we have a Nanny and Papa or Mimi to take the kids off our hands for a night each month. 

That’s our Momma and Daddy day. 

Sometimes we go fishing and sometimes we go out to eat and to a movie. It’s our day to chill out and relax. We usually sleep in the next morning too!

Sometimes we don’t get this luxury though, sometimes the grandparents have their own plans…which is totally understandable. 

So we take the kids to the beach, which really wears them out. Then we come home for an early supper and watch a movie with the kids in the front room -all three are usually passed out before the movie is over. So then we, ever so gently, take them to their beds and we sit down to watch a movie together.

If that idea doesn’t work, then we find little moments throughout the day. Whether it’s a little 10 minute break to drink a cup of coffee together, prepping and cooking supper together, Bible study time or working outside on the garden together. 

The most important thing to help stay at home mommas and hard-working daddies stay sane is making time for each other. Well, that and praying together…I am a firm believer of “couples that pray together, stay together”. ❤️

My husband and I at the beach, 2015
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