I’m the richest woman in the world…

Some people have been questioning what I do at home all day, since I’m a stay at home momma, housewife & homeschool teacher.

I do lots of do unpaid work! My day begins the moment I wake up, and doesn’t end when I go to sleep. I work 24/7. I am a maid, chauffeur, chef, teacher, nurse, laundry service, gardener, referee, interior designer, party planner, and so on! The list could go on and on and on.

My husband works in the oilfield, so I’m home alone with the kids quite often. Which means I do not get any down time when he’s gone, especially since my kids do not take naps in the daytime. Oh, and add security system and protector to my list of occupations!

I often feel annoyed when people say “Oh, you’re JUST a stay at home Mom?” Yes, I’m a stay at home mom…I work 24/7 and don’t get paid. Well, unless you count muddy footprints on my clean floor, sticky handprints everywhere, sweet kisses, and warm hugs.

If you count those, then I’m the richest woman in the world! ❤️

I do know that being a stay at home momma, housewife, and homeschool teacher requires infinite patience, dedication, hard work, discipline, respect for one another, determination, compassion, and lots of love.

I do work without expecting any reward – no promotions, no fame, no salary- because I already have more than I could ever want. A wonderful husband and three awesome kids. A roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Lots of laughs, hugs and kisses.

Thank You God, for blessing me beyond measure. ❤️

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3 thoughts on “I’m the richest woman in the world…

  1. I could not have said it better myself! Being a SAHM has been the richest blessing in my life! I am so glad that there are mama’s out there who feel the same as I do when it comes to being a stay at home mom!

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