How to create a Simple Life…


Since we all know the definition of life, let’s go ahead and define simple…

sim·ple (adjective)

  • not hard to understand or do
  • having few parts 
  • not complex or fancy
  • not special or unusual

To sum it up, in my own words…

  • A simple life is one that is not hard to understand or do.
  • A simple life is not complex or fancy.
  • A simple life has very few “parts”, meaning you’re not very busy.

Let me share with y’all how our lives used to be…

Our weekdays were spent waking up extra early to make sure all three of our munchkins were dressed and ready for public school by 7:30am. We had after school tutoring, various extra curricular activies and sports, dance lessons, etc. 

While my munchkins were at school, I kept myself busy by cleaning our house, operating my small business, getting manicures and pedicures (every other week), and doing other senseless (in my opinion) things.

I didn’t realize how unhappy we all were. I knew my older two children were struggling in public school, so I tried to help them as much as I could. I knew that my son was very irritable and grumpy, almost every day. I knew that my husband wanted me to quit my small business because he thought it took up too much of my time. It just seemed that we were stressed out all the time and we were miserable.

So I began praying. ❤️

{At this time I already knew God was calling me to homeschool}

Our lives now…

Once we began our homeschooling journey, it was as if a weight had been lifted off our shoulders. We no longer had all the stress of a 40+ hour week full of school, tutoring, extra curricular activities, sports, etc. 

And once I quit my small business, it was like my life became so much more clear. I could see all the things I was missing before and I was so much happier with this new found freedom.

Now our weekday routine consists of waking up around 8:00 am (sometimes a little later), family Bible study, homeschool lessons, doing our chores, drum lessons, and playing (lots of playing). 

While my munchkins are outside playing or sound asleep, I spend time with God (daily devotional), read, write, work in my garden, craft homemade goods with my hands, or complete as much of my herbalist studies as I can.

We also have a lot more time to spend together as a family. 

Our weekend routine is mostly the same, minus the lessons, but sometimes we take our munchkins fishing, hunting, on nature walks, to the beach, or we go out on the boat. Our weekends always consist of creating new memories as a family though.

So all in all we have a pretty simple life. 

So my advice for you is to…

  • Pray about the extracurricular activities that catch your eye or your child’s eye. 
  • Write out the pros and cons.
  • Ask yourself “will this activity consume too much of our family time?”
  • If your family is already very busy, but you would love to slow your roll, have everybody write out pros and cons for every activity they are involved in. 
  • Remove the activity (or activities) with the most cons.
  • Make sure you have at least 30 minutes of quiet time everyday to just breathe.

I hope this helped at least one person out there! Good luck on your journey to Simplify your Life! 😊

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