Homeschool Roller Coaster Ride (Year 1)

Yearly update: 2013-2014

Throughout this first year we have had ups, downs, and hurdles. You name it, we have had it. I’m not going to lie, it has been a challenge. 

When you pull all three of your kids out of public school and throw them into a homeschool classroom…it’s like taking a caged animal from a zoo and turning it loose in the jungle. 

The kids were crazy and didn’t know exactly how to behave! They were FREE at last! They wanted to play all day instead of learn. They wanted to eat 3 meals and have 12 snack times. They wanted to draw, paint and play with play dough, but skip the math. They wanted to watch T.V. in the morning while eating breakfast. And they probably would have had their little sister hanging by the ceiling fan for a “science experiment” if I would have let them. 

Don’t worry, most of these things never happened…but I’m sure my kiddos would have loved it if I would have given in.

Instead of giving in to their fancies, I applied a stern look and lessons. We got into a “school-like” routine immediately and didn’t stop until Christmas break. And let me tell you something…Christmas break…was literally a break. A break in my back, neck…writing hand…paddle…homeschooling. 

I was ready to give up. The kids didn’t like homeschooling, I didn’t like homeschooling. It was too rigid, too hard, too structured. I was trying to be “school-like” when I should have been trying more for a fun homeschool environment. I had no clue what I was doing, despite the 4+ years of research I had done. So, we gave up. We took most of December off and all of January off.

During this break time I prayed daily, I talked with my Mom, I talked with my husband and I researched more. But I didn’t really ever give up…completely. I knew that this was the path God chose for our family, so I knew there had to be a way to make it work. 

I took my Mom’s advice and made it more of a relaxed schedule. I let the kiddos pick which lessons they wanted to learn each day. I let them play outside during the day and learn during the evening time, when it was too cold to play outside. I let them have more breaks during their lessons…so their little minds didn’t get too overwhelmed. We watched documentaries on some days for a science or history lesson. And slowly but surely, learning became FUN! 

We now have our Homeschooling Groove…a daily (Monday – Friday) routine and it’s working great! The kids know that they have a specific amount of work to complete each week and that they can choose what they want to work on each day. They also know that our daily routine can be changed at the drop of a hat, but that’s okay. I’m just happy that they are happy and they now love learning!  They love learning so much now that I have had the kids ask if they can work on lessons right before bedtime…and not just once, but on several occasions. It may be that they’re not ready to go to sleep, or it may be that they take after their Momma and suddenly their brains go into hyper-speed mode right before bedtime. Who knows! 

All I know is that I thank God daily for this blessed opportunity He has given my family. We love homeschooling and wouldn’t trade it for the world! ❤️

Trip to a Pumpkin Patch here in Oklahoma, 2013

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