Homeschool Journey (Year 3) 

Yearly Update: 2015-2016

Woot! Woot! Year three is down and now we’re working on our fourth year of homeschooling! ❤️

This last year we decided to stick with a more relaxed approach, so it  was pretty much a repeat of year two. We completed 4 hours of lessons each day. Our lessons were mostly reading, writing, language arts, and math, but we did complete other subjects as well. 

My munchkins and I learned a lot about gardening, botany, biology, agriculture, permaculture, organic farming, and herbs by working in our very first garden! We tilled the land, made our rows, sowed our seeds, maintained our organic garden, and harvested our fruits and veggies as a team.

We also did on a lot of cooking, baking, mending, cleaning, building, and other REAL life skills. 

 As far as extracurricular activities, most of the time my munchkins were playing outside or hanging out at Nanny & Papa’s farm. Our son had drum lessons once a week. We also attended field trips and get-togethers with our local Homeschool Association. 

Overall I would say our 2015-2016 school year was great! ❤️

My munchkins, spring 2016

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