Homeschool Journey (Year 2) 

Yearly Update: 2014-2015

Woot! Woot! Year two is down and now we’re working on our third year of homeschooling! ❤️

This last year we tried a more relaxed approach. We completed 4 hours of lessons each day. Our lessons were mostly reading, writing, and math; but we did complete other subjects as well. 

In the beginning we were really diggin’ the relaxed approach! It was kind of like Unschooling with a little more structure, but by the end of the year we were all begging for a little more structure. Ha! 

It just seemed our munchkins were all out of whack, like their little world had been flipped upside-down. So this next year (2015-2016) I have decided to have a more structured, traditional approach while continuing to be eclectic (several different methods).

As far as extracurricular activities, most of the time my munchkins were playing outside or hanging out at Nanny & Papa’s farm. Both of our daughters took ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop dance classes four days each week and our son had drum lessons once a week. We also attended monthly meetings with our local Homeschool Association.

We didn’t take as many field trips as I would’ve liked, so this year we plan to take quite a few adventures! We are so eXciTeD!!! 

As far as chores, we all had daily chores that we did as a team. Each person was in charge of their own bedroom though, except our daughters who share a bedroom and also share a playroom.

This year I plan to make our chores a little more fair with a Chore Wheel! 

We have used Sonlight for most of our curriculum needs since the beginning, I love their curriculum and they make it so easy to teach! 

Since we homeschool year round, and my husband is in the oilfield, we took at least a few days off each time Daddy was home this last year. It worked out splendidly! This year we have decided to take quarterly breaks so we can take more road trips, vacations, and field trips! 

Overall I would say our 2014-2015 school year was great! 

Trip to a Pumpkin Patch here in Oklahoma, 2014

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