Blinded by Love

Have you ever thought about the people, places and things that make you who you are? I do. Today, that’s exactly what I’m thinking…so I figured I would share.

I was born in 1978 to my stay-at-home Momma and my oilfield Daddy. I also had an older sister who wanted to name me “Turkey” since I was a girl and not a boy. 
Not too long after I was born my Momma gave birth to my little sister, in 1980. We had a very comfortable life thanks to the good Lord who provided my Daddy with an oilfield job.

Then in 1980, not long after my younger sister was born, the blocks from the rig fell on my Daddy. He was under the blocks for several hours with a dislocated hip, broken femur bone and several other minor injuries. I do believe that my Daddy is the only man (in oilfield history) to live through this type of accident. My Momma and Daddy knew that God had big plans for him since he survived. Then my little brother was born.

Life continued to get harder as the years went by…with 4 little mouths to feed and the big Oilfield Bust in the 80s. We eventually sold everything we could and moved down to Southern Oklahoma. We were poor, but all of us kiddos didn’t know it. Momma was working and Daddy was working too. I think my Daddy had 5 or 6 jobs at one point and time. When my Daddy was working, my Momma was at home with us kids and when my Momma was working, my Daddy was at home with us kids. They made it work, they had to.

With the good Lord watching over us we finally found a home that we could afford. It had a total of 6 rooms…front room, big bedroom, dining room, kitchen, small bedroom and bathroom. With a family of 6, this house was TINY to say the least. But, Momma & Daddy made it work…like they always did. My younger siblings and I shared the big bedroom and my older sister had the small bedroom. Momma and Daddy slept on the couch that folded out to make a bed.

As time went on Momma and Daddy got better jobs, Daddy built on to our tiny little house, our love for each other grew daily and our devotion to God never seized. All of us kiddos were saved and baptized by Brother Adams at Trinity Southern Baptist Church. I remember each and every baptism like it was yesterday.

Looking back on the history of my family I am amazed at my Momma and Daddy’s strength. Even when we had nothing…and I mean NOTHING…I never knew it. I was never sad, unhappy or depressed. 

I know it’s because God’s mighty hands were wrapped around my family so tight that all we saw was His love. I know it’s because God blessed me with the two most awesome parents a girl could ask for…who would literally do anything and everything to make sure we were taken care of. I know it’s because Momma and Daddy always made the best of every situation…whether it was good or bad. And I know it’s because the love my Momma and Daddy had for me…I was literally blinded by love.


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