Herbs for Kids!


The majority of our learning happens outdoors!
When you’re an herbalist who homeschools her children, then you’re bound and determined to teach your children about herbs. I’m not the only one right? 😉


My son really enjoys the nature walks we take!
As the earth was waking up from a long winter’s nap and the trees were beginning to bud, I decided it was time to teach my children about herbs, especially the herbs that are safe for them to use.


My daughters, far away, in their own little make-believe world.
The first place I began looking for curriculum was at the Herbal Academy’s blog.


We enjoy learning indoors too!
I found a ton of materials and lessons there, so I began printing the free printables and planning out lessons for my children.


Tiny treasures, in my daughter’s hand.
My children learned so much this last spring, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I have decided to continue our lessons about herbs throughout this school year! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts about Herbs for Kids!


They’re never too young to learn about herbs and plants. My two year old niece and I, enjoying a day in the park.
I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and thank you for stopping by! 😊

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