Whipped Body Butter

Autumn is right around the corner! The temperatures will be dropping, the leaves will be changing, a brisk breeze will welcome you each morning, and the humidity in the air seems to vanish overnight. It’s one of my favorite seasons, but not my favorite for my skin.

I suffer from eczema and it seems like fall and winter, my favorite seasons, are not favorites for this skin condition.

Throughout the years I have tried so many different over-the-counter lotions and creams, to no avail. Then I discovered homemade Whipped Body Butter, my absolute favorite lotion of all time! A little goes a LONG way and, so far, I haven’t had many flare ups with my eczema! It will also store nicely in your cabinet for up to a year, just in case you would like to make a big batch.

My daughters inherited their daddy’s sensitive skin and eczema can be quite painful if you use perfumed lotions or creams, so I tweaked the recipe and I call it Naked Whipped Body Butter (no EOs or perfumes).

I found the recipe on the  Herbal Academy’s blog a while back, ‘whipped’ some up, and we fell head over heals!

Just click on the highlighted words above and you’ll be redirected to the recipe.

Feel free to tweak it like we did, if you have sensitive skin or eczema, and enjoy! 😊


Naked Whipped Body Butter ❤️
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  1. What a lovely recipe-thank you so much for sharing it. I’ve been making my own balm for sore muscles that has St. John’s wort, Plaintain and Cottonwood infused oils. I wasn’t aware that arrowroot have that effect.

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