Unit 9, Intermediate Course, The Herbal Academy 

I worked all day long to complete Unit 9 and I’m so glad I did! This Unit covered the entire urinary system, how to keep this system healthy, common urinary complaints, and herbal remedies. If you’re like me, and have suffered from UTIs in your lifetime, then you would enjoy this Unit as much as I did.

The Urinary System!

How much water should you drink each day?
When we complete each Unit,  we are required to submit a recipe in the forum on the Herbal Academy’s student website. I chose to make the Electrolyte Replacement Drink and Oral Rehydrating Salts. The reason I chose these recipes was due to the fact that I had a fever for four straight days (it began on Monday) and I’m sure my body is in need of some rehydration.

This drink was so easy to make and it was definitely a treat! I’ll save the rest in my refrigerator to consume over the next few days as I work in my garden.

This recipe was easy to make as well, and I had all the ingredients on hand! I will be storing this in my medicine cabinet for future use, just in case we come down with  a stomach bug this flu season.

Just one more Unit to go, then I’ll be finished with the Intermediate Course and I can move on to the Entrepreneur Course. First, I think I’ll take some time off to rest! I hope y’all have a great weekend! 😊

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