Unit 8, Intermediate Course, The Herbal Academy

When you’re down and out with a virus, I have found it’s the perfect time to catch up on your herbal studies and Unit 8 couldn’t have been more perfect!

This Unit was all about breathing, the respiratory system (upper and lower), lung imbalances, remedies, and plants, trees, & clean air. It taught me a lot about viruses (cold & flu), sinusitis, asthma, and allergies. I also learned about the herbs that are most useful during these times, their actions, and different ways to use them. I’m surprised at how much I comprehended, because my head has been a bit foggy since Monday.

With the assistance of a very helpful chart (and years of studying) I determined that my respiratory tissue state was hot/damp, so I needed to use herbs that were cool/dry. I decided to make a decoction, tisane (herbal tea), and steam for my sinuses using the herbs and essential oils I had on hand.


These are the herbs I used for the decoction.
For the decoction I used one quart of water, 4 tsp. elecampane root, 6 tsp. echinacea root, and 2 tsp. wild cherry bark. I simmered this decoction for 20 minutes over very low heat, strained, composted the herbs, and divided the decoction between two one quart mason jars.


The decoction, before I put the lid on the pot.
For the tisane, or herbal tea,  I used one quart of boiling water, 3 tsp. elder flower, 3 tsp. peppermint herb, 3 tsp. calendula flower, and 3 tsp. echinacea herb. I put the herbs into a mason jar, poured the boiling water over the herbs, screwed the lid on the jar, and let it steep for 20 minutes. Once it was finished steeping, I strained, composted the herbs, and divided the tisane between the same two jars that contained the decoction. I will be drinking one 4 oz. tea cup of the decoction/tisane mixture, three times each day to stimulate healing.

This is the tisane, steeping.
While the decoction and tisane were cooling down a bit, I prepared my steam. I placed 2 drops of tea tree essential oil, 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil, 3 drops of lavender essential oil, and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil in a metal bowl. While I brought some water to boil in my kettle, I grabbed a towel. Once the water was boiling, I gently poured it into the metal bowl over the essential oils. Then I  leaned my head over the bowl, placed the towel over my head and let the steam and essential oils do their job. I practiced my breathing exercises for about 5-7 minutes while I was  steaming, it was heavenly. I can actually breathe a bit easier as well!

I used these essential oils for my steam.
I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Please note: A child’s serving size is quite different than an adult’s serving size, so please check with Clark’s Rule or Dr. Young’s Dosage table before giving your children herbal teas. Some herbs and EOs are not recommended for people with certain illnesses and/or diseases, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people who take certain medications, so please consult with your holistic health care provider before using herbs and EOs.

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