My Herbal Studies

When I’m not homeschooling my children, working in my gardens, or making something with my hands, you can find me curled up in my comfy bed studying about herbs.

My journey with herbs began around 2008, not long after my third child was born, and still continues to this day.

When I began my herbal studies, I would spent hours on end researching every herb known to man. My mom, sisters, and I spent days printing information and taking notes about these wonderful herbs. We compiled our information in binders and notebooks. We took notes until our hands were sore. We literally soaked in as much knowledge as we could about these herbs so we would feel safe using them in our homemade soaps, scrubs, rubs, and salves.

In 2014 I felt God calling me to do more, so I decided to take my knowledge of herbs to another level and I signed up for the Introductory Course that The Herbal Academy offered. It was a very rewarding course, I learned so many things I never knew.

Since then, I’ve completed the Introductory Course and I’m almost finished with the Intermediate Course. I just have two more Units to complete, after I’m finished with the one I’m currently working on, and then I’ll move up to the Entrepreneur Course!

As of now, my goal is to open my own little herb shop and, hopefully, someday complete the Advanced Course so I can become a Clinical Herbalist.

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