Gardening for the first time…

It was in the fall of  2015 when I decided to plant a spring/summer garden. My goal was to feed my family fresh fruits and veggies all summer long, preserve and can foods for winter, save lots of money, and steer clear of chemicals. I had no idea of the workload I was placing on my shoulders.

The first thing on my “To-Do” list was to thoroughly research organic gardening, how to plant each fruit and veggie, water conservation, soil types, beneficial insects, composting, and all natural repellents for insects and animals. The next thing on my “To-Do” list was to lay it all out on graph paper, to literally draw a map of my garden. And the last thing on my “To-Do” list was to prepare the 2,001 square feet of land that would soon be covered with fruits and veggies.

As winter turned into spring my family and I tilled the land, raked out grass, and made the rows. Slowly but surely I planted the seeds, with the help of my children, and it seemed like overnight we saw little sprouts. I was so excited!

My excitement soon turned into horror one  beautiful afternoon, as I watched the flooding spring rains wash out the entire west half of my garden. Overnight my workload doubled, maybe even tripled. I was so devastated.

So I prayed, and I laid all my burdens at our Heavenly Father’s feet. “He is my strength, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, these were the words that got me through the next few weeks. I repeated them daily when I was repairing my rows and planting more seeds.

Before long my garden was growing and producing like crazy! I worked in my garden, prayed about my garden, and thanked God for the harvests daily.

To be honest, my husband thought I was crazy, and even told me so one day as we staked out my garden. He thought it was too big for my first garden, he was worried I would get overwhelmed. Boy did I prove him wrong, but I didn’t succeed because I wanted to “prove him wrong”, and you’ll never hear me say those words to him. My success is because God carried me through the hard times, I prayed for every little seed, and God truly blessed us.

It was a lot of work, not all of my plants survived, and I didn’t harvest as much as I thought I would. But I learned a lot from this first garden and I’m so thankful for all of God’s blessing. ❤️


May 11th, 2016

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